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2015 is YOUR YEAR!

Many people set ambitious goals and resolutions each January but ultimately fall short. Come experience the power of the CFSB community and why 2015 can be different. Whether you are looking for a positive change to your current routine or looking to start fresh we can help. Our mission for everyone that walks through our door is “FIT FOR LIFE.”


Additionally we will host:

Eating Clean Workshops: Jan 6th & Feb 3rd

Achieving Your Goals: Jan 13th & Feb 10th

*each workshop will last 1 hour and is open to members plus 1 guest. Start times will be posted in the near future.


Is CrossFit for me?
Yes – CrossFit is for everyone and that is why it has revolutionized the fitness industry. We tailor our program to meet the needs of anyone that walks through our door. If you are looking for shortcuts then we may not be the place for you. Our members are a community that have decided to do something about their health and wellness. And we are always looking for more like minded folks like those that we are fortunate to work with each day.

Are you running any Free Trials for the New Year?
Your first class is always free at CrossFit SouthBank. Just let us know when we can expect you. We decided early on to run our CrossFit affiliate a certain way with respect to free trials and contracts:

*We strive to offer the best of what CrossFit can be to our members. And because we dedicate ourselves to being the best at what we do we would never de-value those services by giving them away. * Our members don’t sign contracts. The vast majority have started and stayed with us. They didn’t come looking for the deal of the month. They came looking for results and a supportive community. And because we value their commitment to us so much we could never put out a deal that is better than what they were offered.

Ask our members and we feel confident they will tell you about the VALUE and RESULTS they get at CFSB rather than the price they pay. And we will never stop trying to improve the CFSB experience!

2015 is YOUR YEAR!

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