About Us
We look forward to meeting you in our gym

We endeavor to help others achieve what they want most in life.

We aim to help real people overcome and exceed actual and percieived limitations.

We seek to accomplish this through CrossFit and the continuous ducation of our members and coaches. We will build and support an inclusive, welcoming community for all who are searching for a better way – a better life – a fit life!

We are CrossFit South Bank!

Crossfit South Bank has taken a proactive approach to our current infection control program!

We have contracted Syndicate™ “The Germ Experts” to sanitize our facility with their Residual Antimicrobial Technology!

Syndicate’s™ water based antimicrobial surface protectant Armor 90X™ has been applied to ALL areas of our facility. By providing ongoing swab testing and reporting Syndicate™ has deemed us a “Certified- Germ Safe Zone”™.

Armor 90X™ is EPA registered and safe, so you can rest assured we are using a trusted method to prevent infections or illness from bacteria, viruses and fungi.

Bacterial and viral infections are on the rise and the harmful microbes that cause these infections are becoming resistant to medications. Armor 90X™ is a dry kill disinfectant that kills with a non-leaching mechanical process. This process is proven not to create super bugs. Syndicate’s solution to infection control is truly a proactive approach that is helping to keep everyone safe.

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