Why CF SouthBank?
We take what we do seriously and have your best interests in mind.

If we can’t be known as experts or run world class programs we simply won’t do it.

We will only maintain the programs we can excel at for the long term.

No gym is perfect or perfect for everyone.

But to be frank there are plenty of “good” gyms in the world today. And there are even a few poor gyms. At CFSB, we want to be “great” in all we do. We want to be a stand out in the growing world of CrossFit. We want our athletes to expect this of us because we expect it of ourselves.

You are paying us for a professional service and this is how we promise to exceed your expectations:

  1. Build and nurture a supportive inclusive community.
  2. Always be on time for our class/appointment with you.
  3. Provide expert coaching, not simply run a class.
  4. Provide a Clean and Safe space to train
  5. Be prepared with a training plan for the session.
  6. Alter workouts as required.
  7. Make sure every athlete gets attention during the session.
  8. Behave in a professional manner.
  9. Explain WHY any given exercise or cognitive task is relevant to you.
  10. Correctly invoice and give receipts, or make corrections immediately.
  11. Return your phone call or email at the first available opportunity.
  12. Treat every client the same with regard to pricing, scheduling, and answering questions.
  13. Stay on top of relevant research that will help you achieve your goals.
  14. Provide ‘homework’ as necessary.
  15. Collaborate with other healthcare professionals as required on your behalf.
  16. Be as flexible as possible in accommodating your schedule.
  17. Maintain the strictest confidentiality.
  18. Hold your lost items for two weeks before donating them to an appropriate charity.
  19. Maintain appropriate client records.
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