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CFSB CrossFit Kids UPDATE:

CFSB CrossFit Kids provides an atmosphere and instruction that allows for your child to develop great physical skills, a love for fitness, respect for their bodies, mental toughness, and a strong work ethic. We’re confident that participation in CrossFit Kids will help him or her to grow up to be happy and successful in their sport and in life.

Our schedule has been adjusted, based on our experience with the needs of the older children as well as the limited stamina and attention span of the younger children.

The older children will be lifting weights and working on advanced core strengthening from 3:30pm – 3:50pm.

From 3:50pm – 4:20pm all children will participate in basic body-weight and light hand-weight conditioning.

We will be limiting class sizes so we encourage you to get your child’s name on our list. Classes will begin Wednesday September 6, 2017.

Class schedules will be as follows:

Ages 8-12 Wednesday / Friday 3:30 – 4:20 pm

Ages 4-7 Wednesday / Friday 3:50 – 4:20 pm

Participants may sign up for 1 or 2 classes per week.

Rates are as follows:

Ages 8-12

3:30pm – 4:20pm

 Children of CFSB Members – 1 Class per week- $45.00/month

2 Classes per week – $60.00 / month

2nd Child of CFSB Members – 1 Class per week – $30.00 / month

2 Classes per week – $40.00 / month

Family Plan CFSB Members– (3 or more children) – 1 Class per week – $85.00 / mo

2 Classes per wk – $125.00 / mo



Ages 8-12

Children of Non – CFSB Members – 1 Class per week – $55.00 / month

2 Classes per week – $70.00 / month


2nd Child of Non – CFSB Members – 1 Class per week – $40.00 / month

2 Classes per week – $50.00 / month


Family Plan Non – CFSB Members (3 or more children)

1 Class per week – $105.00 / month

2 Classes per week – $140.00 / month


Ages 4-7

3:50pm – 4:20pm


1 class per week – $30

2 classes per week – $50


1 class per week – $40

2 classes per week – $60


For Questions and to sign your child up for the Fall schedule beginning September 6th

Call or Text Lisa Lauve


or email


Female standing on rock at sunrise

Every year I like to choose a word to wrap my new year around. Awakening is my word for 2017.

Awakening“An act or moment of becoming suddenly aware of something.” “Coming into existence or awareness.” “Spiritual awakening, a realization.”

 Maybe the book title by author Mark Nepo sums it up. “The Book of Awakening: Having the Life You Want by Being Present to the Life You Have.”

 It’s not that I feel like I’ve been absent in my life, When I’m with my grandkids the world around me stops. I also try and focus on being present with my clients and my family, but I do believe that my work and goals throughout my adult life have pulled me away from life to a certain extent.

Making it to the CrossFit Games three times required sacrificing time with family and friends, and I have to wonder how often I wasn’t truly present for life events because I was somewhat consumed with training, diet, sleep, and more training. Before CrossFit my blinders were on while training for my one and only Iron Man. Achieving the status of elite athlete has required a focus that has resulted in me being self-absorbed at times.

There are seasons for everything, and while I have no regrets regarding my fitness accomplishments, I am excited for this new chapter in my life.

I have long believed that God has directed me. I knew it was time to change my course this year, with school requiring more time and focus. Little did I know that just three months after making the decision to end my competitive CrossFit training the real reason for my new focus was revealed to me. My mom, who has always been there for me, was diagnosed with cancer. I feel so blessed to be walking through this journey with her. There is nothing more important than being available, and fully present for her.

My awakening excites me to take on life’s challenges with renewed energy. I know that the images of the word will mean so many things as the year unfolds. My mind seems clear, and open in a way like never before. My nurse practitioner studies will continue to require more and more focus. Nothing is more important than my family at this stage of my life. I Thank God for all of the stages and experiences in my life, but I am most grateful that I have been awakened to be fully present in 2017.

Count down to the “O” video Critique

Video critique helps you avoid a NO REP and improve your efficiency.

My favorite advice from my Brute Strength Coach, Games Athlete @adrianconway was to video myself practicing movements. Most importantly this exercise will allow you and others to ensure you are meeting the standards for every movement. Standards such as squatting below parallel for overhead squats and wall balls, fully extending your hips at the top of a box jump, and locking your arms out in a muscle up must be met during any CrossFit competition, including the CrossFit Open. Close reps do not get the benefit of the doubt. It’s a very good idea to never give your judge a reason to question your standards.

Equally as important is the benefit of improving your efficiency in the movements through practice and video critique. When you share your video with your coaches and other athletes it allows for feedback to help you become more efficient. Video review with my coaches helped me tremendously in improving the efficiency of my box jump-overs, pistol squats, and bar muscle ups. So…this is your chance. Create as many selfie videos as you want. Share them with those you respect and trust. If you want to compete like the big guns, treat your Open like they do.

Countdown to the “O”!

It’s a little over two months until the 2017 CrossFit Open! It’s hard to believe that it’s been a year since we took on 16.1 and all of those overhead walking lunges. The Open brings different emotions to different people, and to some of us it means nothing at all. For 5 years I personally have anticipated it with a bundle of nerves and not a lot of sleep. It’s usually about this time of year I begin to get nervous about certain movements and for the past several years I have created a Movement GRID to make sure that I’m practicing the movements MOST LIKELY to show up in the open…because they always do. For example, we will always see pull ups, double-unders, wall balls, burpees, and toes to bar in the Open.

The Movement Grid is simply a flip chart with all CrossFit movements written across in columns. Blocks are created under each movement. Every time a movement is practiced or included in a workout the date goes underneath with possibly a time, number of reps, weight, etc. This exercise was especially helpful with a skill such as double-unders and wall balls, which for me require a lot of practice. It also serves as a reminder to practice a movement that you may forget to practice, such as bar muscle ups. At a quick glance I can see how long it’s been since I practiced a certain movement.

This same grid can be used to log your progression practice for a movement that you have not quite accomplished yet., such as a ring muscle up. The tracking of progression practice adds accountability to your work and is certain to help you succeed.

This year I will be in cheerleader mode, cheering on Jeff, as he competes for his 3rd trip to the CrossFit Games, and cheering on those CFSB members who decide to compete in the Open to see how much they have improved since last year. I do plan to compete in the 2017 Open, but this year it’ll just be for FUN…hopefully without the nerves… and with a lot more sleep. GET READY for the “O”!



Photo of the “Death March” where we line up just before going out on the soccer field at the CrossFit Games. Numbers reflect lanes.

Back of the Pack

It’s been over a week since the 2016 CF Games and I have had a little time to let the year sink in. It’s certainly been a bag of mixed emotions, which started long before arriving in Carson. While qualifying for a third time was very gratifying, I had hoped to finish a little higher this year. My 2016 finish in 13th place was my best qualifying position so far, and although being among the pack is a great accomplishment, there is a sense of defeat to finishing at the back of the pack, even if it’s on the Reebok CrossFit Games Leaderboard.

Thanks to a supportive husband, Brute Strength, Active Life, and a pack of supportive local lovies, I put a lot of time and effort into becoming stronger this year. While my barbell work and overall strength have improved, the Games exposed the weaknesses in my training that, if I’m honest with myself, I knew were there all along.

I am not quite sure why, but my training has been suffering. I even questioned my love for the game as the Games were approaching.

My love… is the level of fitness that CrossFit and making it to the Games demands. Knowing this, I am now more driven than before to get back there next year. To do so… at 54 years old, in the 50-54 age group, will take a new level of commitment. Here goes…

1)My interval work must be pushed further and longer in those deep, dark caves.

2)My work must become more efficient, with separate am/pm sessions to maintain intensity and focus.

3)My nutrition, hydration, and sleep must be more deliberate and constantly maintained for stamina.

There are about 7 months until the 2017 CrossFit Open. Who knows what will come. I am confident that my happiness requires giving my fitness my all. …And if giving my all lands me a spot in the 2017 CF Games, I will be THRILLED!…and satisfied with being among the pack.



I’m exactly 28 days away from competing on the biggest stage in the world, and to be as mentally strong as I can possibly be on July 19th, I plan to dial in ALL THINGS FIT. Today I start with my nutrition. If the truth were told I would have been diagnosed with a food addiction or eating disorder as a teenager, and have been challenged by the quest for the perfect body all of my adult life. Fortunately, after years of stressing over body image, I am finally OVER IT, and am very happy with my body with all of my imperfections.

I do consider myself to be a healthy eater, following primarily a Paleo diet. Over the course of time I have allowed the following to occur.

  • I eat the same foods over and over.
  • Too busy training and taking care of …life, sabotaging my nutrition with snack binging.
  • I assume I’m eating well, but not tracking, so I really don’t know.
  • Allow the creep of a taste of this, a taste of that to get out of hand.

It’s time to REFOCUS.

I’ve found that the best way to get a grip on my nutrition is to TRACK EVERYTHING I EAT (or at least for a few days). Personally, I like the My Fitness Pal app. (upgraded to track daily MACROS) In tracking I discovered that I was eating much more FAT than I had realized. My fats, which I consider healthy fats, include almond butter, grass-fed butter, avocado, nuts, coconut oil, and olive oil, added up to over 50% of my diet.

I only discovered this after logging my intake. Reducing my fats to <30% was fairly easy once began to track and make adjustments.

As I coach individuals on weight loss, I draw from my own personal experience and the demons I continue to fight in my head. Snacks are the devil. If you’re a food addict like me, opening a can of nuts or chips is the equivalent to taking that sip of alcohol for the addict. I can’t allow it. The alternative to snacking is eating small meals more frequently.

So… Here’s to a good solid month of GOOD FOOD VARIETY, BALANCE, TIMLINESS, and MODERATION, and my best Games performance so far!


It’s almost here!

By popular demand… South Bank’s newest baby… BURN! 

Think you’re too busy to workout… BURN!

Think you’re too out of shape to step in a CrossFit Gym… BURN!

Don’t want to lift heavy weights… BURN!

Need a QUICK workout so that you can get on with life… BURN!


BURN Calories …BURN Fat… and get FIT FOR LIFE!

Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays @ 6:30pm

$100.00 / month

No contract required

318-664-2238 for more information



For you resolution junkies looking for guidance in making great things happen in this New Year.

I like the idea of having a WORD that defines my year. 2015’s word was DELIBERATE, which allowed me to take charge, say no, set targets, and map my way to achieving what I set out to do. While I failed to free my home of all clutter, and failed to gain enough weight to make significant gains in strength, I was able to able to accomplish several goals by being deliberate in going about my life.

  • Scored high enough on my GRE to get in NP school.
  • Made my second appearance at the CrossFit Games.
  • Made it through my first semester of Grad School with a 3.75 GPA.

Deliberate for me meant defining my goals and the steps needed to make each goal a reality. Deliberate meant not allowing life to keep me off course. Life, including illnesses and injuries, family needs, job demands, etc certainly has a way of making it tougher to reach your goals, but cannot be used as an excuse to abandon what you set out to accomplish.

The word for 2016 is FOCUS. When searching for my word this year I wanted a word that covered several things. Using an acronym helped me to define.


F…Forget the phone! Get away from the cell phone, Facebook, and distracting, time-wasting, technology. Checking email, FB, Instagram leads to scrolling, replying, and much wasted time. My husband will appreciate this one and will appreciate me being more attentive when we are together. I justify this activity because of my gym business, however scheduling specific times to take care of this activity should eliminate losing FOCUS during the day.

O…Optimize my time, including managing my calendar, the clock, and my interactions, and staying focused on the task at hand. Strapping on the blinders to stay in the zone and maintain control. Stretching 2 hours of training into an all day ordeal interferes with other goals, family time, and leaves me feeling unproductive.

C…Get Clear about goals and plan. Write down specifically what I want to accomplish. Visualize how accomplishing the goal will make me feel. Try and eliminate clutter in my mind, and in my world. Clarity improves my ability to be effective and productive. This includes the physical clutter of things, but also includes avoiding activities that do not align with or contribute to accomplishing my goals.

U…Understand including listening to understand, reading to understand, reflecting to understand. I often wish that I had paid more attention in history class. Many times we hear things that we don’t really pay attention to because it’s not important to us at the time. Learning to listen, always for understanding, contributes to the library of information in our brain that can be drawn on later. This is particularly important in the quest to achieving a goal.

S…Stay the course including finishing projects, avoiding wavering, digging deeper when motivation wanes or when the task seems difficult and near impossible. Continuously remind yourself of what it will feel like to accomplish the goal, and maybe more importantly, what would it feel like if you do not accomplish your goal.

Resolutions and goals are great, but they mean nothing if we fail to make a plan to achieve them. If you’re sick and tired of being sick and tired, do something about it. You can lose weight. You can stick to an exercise plan. You can stop frivolous spending. You can change your life. There are as many ways to be successful as there are resolutions out there. Find what works for you. What’s your word for 2016?


Get Invloved! Barbells for Boobs and Guns and Hoses!

Fall is in the air and we have some great events approaching in the local CrossFit community. And to make these events a success we need YOU! That’s right we need you to step up, sign up, and help us make these events a success. And the community never fails so we know these events will once again highlight what we love most about being part of the fitness culture in Cenla. Here are the details:



Every year 1000s of CrossFit Gyms across the country join forces to raise funds and awareness through B4B events. This year we are joining other local CrossFit affiliates for “City Block Grace”.

Step one: Go to our CFSB B4B page and donate or create your own fundraising page:
You will need to create your own page and raise $80 for the coveted B4B Tshirt!

Step 2: Read about City Block Grace here and sign up to participate:



For the third year we are raising funds to support the Ezernack/Carruth criminal justice scholarship at LSUA. This scholarship was established in honor of David Ezernack and Jay Carruth. These heroes lost their lives in the line of duty 12 years ago and we will never forget their sacrifice in the local community.

This is a 3 person team event open to first responders and military persons. But we need plenty of volunteers and judges to make it a success! Please come and be a part of this amazing day!

Team/Judge/Volunteer registration is open!
Guns and Hoses 2015 is November 21st!

Men… Keep scrolling. This article is FOR WOMEN ONLY!

At the risk of grossing out my guy friends, and totally going against my husband’s wishes I write this post.

Ladies, there is a solution(s) for bladder leakage during double-unders.

Long before CrossFit and double-unders women have been embarrassed by bladder leakage while running, jumping, sneezing, and laughing. CrossFit came along and if double-unders are not hard enough, we have to sweat out the chance of having an accident in the middle of our workout. Bounding box jumps and the pressure on the bladder with heavy lifting also bring on uncontrolled, and embarrassing bladder issues. The issue is so big CrossFit did a story on it.

A while back I discovered a solution and would like to share with anyone who has not yet found the secret.

Using a tampon works to control leaks. In my experience the best product on the market is the Platex Gentle Glide – Ultra. I have tried other brands and sizes with results to a lesser degree. The Ultra has been 100%.

The product works by putting pressure on the urethra and preventing leaks.

Trust me when I say that not worrying about bladder control in a workout makes it a whole new workout.

I’ve now heard of a couple of new products on the market and have not yet tried them. Poise has an OTC product called Impressa Bladder Supports. They are disposable and work the same way.

So ladies… FREE YOURSELVES to run, jump, laugh, and LIVE without worrying about your bladder.

CAUTION: As we have always heard there is some risk with the use of a tampon. Tampons should not be left in greater than 6 hours to prevent Toxic Shock Syndrome. 

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