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Defending the Crowns – All Cities Open 6


Next Saturday your coaches will travel to Dallas to compete in the All Cities Open 6 for the second year. We are so excited to represent CFSB again at this awesome competition. Learn all about the event:

If you want to follow the action it’ll be broadcast live on

Just like last year we’ll have some family and friends joining us to share the experience. We can’t say enough how much we appreciate the support our entire community gives us as we train for our competitive goals. We are blessed beyond words to share these journeys and experiences with our CFSB family. It would not be worth it if it was just about us.

This year we are defending ACO titles. Last year we didn’t know what to expect and we’re really blown away to walk away with top finishes. It’s a weekend we’ll cherish because in this sport finishing #1 in any competition is a rarity. So when the stars line up you are very humbled and appreciative that it happens.

With that said our goal is the same as last year: give it 100% and let the results take care of themselves. The ACO 6 is the only competition we are doing prior to the CrossFit Games Open in February. So as we soak in another ACO experience we’ll be thinking about all of you and trying to make you proud.

Your Coaches,

Jeff & Lisa


South Bank Runners,

We’re approaching the highest mileage on your long runs. How are you feeling? Continue to play with your nutrition and clothing on your long runs so that you have the perfect plan for whatever mother nature delivers on race day.

  • Make sure to MAINTAIN GOOD HYDRATION during the week and not just for long runs. Its easy to get busy and go all day without drinking water. I suggest that you carry a bottle with you all day long and drink it.
  • The holidays ARE HERE! Remember your goal and DO NOT OVER INDULGE. Running really S*%#s with a hangover. (from alcohol or food)
  • Try not to get sick. Be mindful of crowds and wash your hands very often. At the VERY FIRST signs of a cold…ZYCAM works like magic to ward it off. You may want to purchase some to have ready. 

Week 9:

Monday: CrossFit only

Tuesday: CrossFit only

Wednesday: CrossFit only

Thursday: One hour run @ 70% (Run at a pace that feels good.)

Friday: CrossFit only

Saturday / Sunday: REST one day and Run the other day for 90 minutes @ 70%. (Stay at a comfortable pace but try your best NOT to WALK.)

The Calvary TURKEY TROT is a great 5K and you can do that on Thursday and just add to it before or after. 

Happy Thanksgiving! You guys are doing so well! Keep it up!



Skeleton Crew Challenge In The Books!

The challenge was simple but not easy: Row 31,000 meters in 7 days! We’ll if there was any doubt our community can respond to a challenge there shouldn’t be now. Your CFSB coaches are so proud of the dedication showed last week as slowly but surely the meters were rowed and the best of our community shined through. It was great to see the mutual support with this group as many rowed extra meters to support their fellow CFSBers!

If you gained nothing else folks know that you are capable of amazing things. You have proven you can take on things seemingly impossible and blow it out of the water. Great job and on to the next Challenge right?

The Holiday Challenge runs from November 24th through December 27th – anyone care to take on 200,000 meters? Yes – you can do it!


CFSB member Courtney Hagood shares how fitness and signing up for a Spartan Race is a family affair!


“We’ve only been a family for a short time, less than 3 years in fact. But in that time our family has bonded and grown over sports and outdoor activities. As a family we bike ride and run both casually and in competition and we love crossfit. In 2013 Kenny (my husband) and Logan (my son) signed up for their first Spartan Race, I was of course there as their biggest cheerleader and paparazzi. It was great to see them in competition with each other obstacle after obstacle but still side by side to help the other one out when needed. As I watched them do several of the obstacles together I would think yikes this is a hard one I hope they can do it (like when my son had to pull of bucket full of cement really high in the air), but not to worry my husband pushed on his shoulders and kept him grounded. And when watching them race through the barbwire and up the rope to ring the bell I was wondering if I could have done this too. When they passed the finish line and got their medals I was so proud of the both of them because it was their first obstacle race and longest race they had done.

This year all three of us are signed up to run the Spartan Race in Kiln, MS. It’s two weeks away and I’m excited. I can’t wait to experience this with my family. It’ll be great to see how far they have come in the last year and what obstacles they improve on. For me I can’t wait to find out how far I can push myself and see what I can accomplish. A couple of obstacles make me nervous like rope climbs and jumping over walls but I know with their help and cheering I can do almost anything…and if not there’s always the 30 burpee’s to get me to the next obstacle. No matter what crossing the finish line and getting our medals and knowing that we accomplished a Spartan Race as a family is what I’m most excited about!”

Your CrossFit SouthBank family and coaches are proud of you! Good luck!

Find all things Spartan Race at

Spartan Logo

Unstoppable Training Camp Continues!


The first ever Unstoppable Training Camp sold out and we had an amazing group finish the program! Congrats to all of the original Unstoppable Gang at CFSB!

Due to the demand we will continue Unstoppable Training Camp beginning November 3rd. Spots will remain limited to 12 so register here and register soon:

Here is how Unstoppable Training Camp will continue at CrossFit SouthBank

1. This will be a month to month program. Registration links will be posted the last week of each month for the upcoming month. Only 12 spots will be available each month.

2. Cost: $100 paid in full via Eventbrite

3. Unstoppable Class Times: Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday 6:30pm. Unstoppable athletes will also have access to weekend open gym hours.

4. After a month or two of Unstoppable we encourage folks to consider our unlimited membership but athletes can stay in Unstoppable for as long as they choose.

IMPORTANT: These classes will continue to differ from our daily WOD in that they are more focused on conditioning. It’s an ideal way for someone to begin CrossFit even though joining our regular classes is fine too. You have options and we hope to continue to see more new faces at CrossFit SouthBank as we continue to grow and lead the fitness community in Central Louisiana. Our passion for helping people be “Fit for Life” permeates all that we do at SouthBank!


Yes – that means you! Get your butt on that rower and make 31,000 meters happen this month!


Here is the Challenge: Row 31,000 meters as part of the Concept2 Skeleton Crew Challenge from Oct. 25-31st!

The fun starts this Saturday. Here is what you need to do:

1. Go to and create a profile for your online log book with Concept 2. YOU MUST DO THIS TO TRACK YOUR METERS! Make sure to choose your gym for affiliation.

2. Beginning Saturday and through Oct. 31 row at least 31,000 meters. Record your results daily in your online log book.

3. Follow the 7 day row plan found here at CFSB Row Club and you will have no trouble reaching 31,000. CFSB members can you normal class time as well as open gym time to complete this work. Feel free to make the row workouts your entire week of training or use it as extra work

4. Visit our friends at UcanRow2 for all things indoor rowing!

Here is why you need to do this Challenge:

1. Setting and accomplishing goals is habit. You need to take on a big hairy goal and prove to yourself you can see it through. Yes it will challenge you. Yes there will be days you don’t want to do it. But you will exit the challenge with more self confidence and an enthusiasm to take on what comes next.

2. Your rowing technique sucks. Yes – you King of the excessive lay back and Queen of the early knee bend! Get someone to film you then compare it to the video below. The only way you are going to improve is if you work on it. You can literally go from good to great on the rower in a week if you focus on proper technique.

3. Rowing makes you a better person. From a conditioning standpoint it’s hard to beat a rower for efficacy and safety on the joints. It’s a total body workout and builds capacity across all energy systems. If you want to be a better athlete, be more fit, be more attractive – row more!

4. You have a friend that needs this more than you and they will only do it if you do it. Be an inspiration and fills someone’s bucket by getting them to do something good for themselves with this challenge. You can’t go wrong paying it forward!

If you still won’t do this then I can’t help ya!

Coach Jeff

Coach Jeff Prejean is a Certified Concept 2 Rower Instructor at CrossFit SouthBank. His current row world rankings for his age group and weight class are as follows:

500m Row 1:22.9 Rank: 23/352
2K Row 6:36.5 Rank: 27/629
30 min Row 8181m Rank: 30/406


Did Men’s Health Get it Right?

By Jeff Prejean

Recently Men’s Health crowned soccer icon Cristiano Ronaldo the fittest man alive.


Ronaldo is the best athlete in the most popular sport in the world. It is a very legitimate selection as I will discuss but it stirred the pot with CrossFitters. They took to social media like they always do when anything or anyone questions CrossFit much less it’s Champion – Rich Froning. In case you don’t know CrossFit claims it’s Games champion is the Fittest Man Alive each year based on a multi-day, multi-event competition in Carson, CA.


I appreciate the passion of my fellow CrossFitters but the comments and arguments were for the most part more emotional than well thought out. And they begged for a closer look.

Men’s Health based it’s selection on 5 criteria: X-Factor (mental game), stamina, speed, strength, and power. They provide sound reasoning and make a strong case for Ronaldo. Ironically 4 of the 5 criteria are also included in the 10 general skills used by CrossFit to define its version of fitness.

Froning and Ronaldo will never compete to determine the true winner – how awesome would that be? But based on what we have seen from these men I took a shot at deciding whom would prevail across the standards established by CrossFit.

(Coaches Jim Cawley, and Bruce Evans of Dynamax are the original sources for CrossFit’s ten general physical skills required of optimal physical competence)

1. Cardiovascular/respiratory endurance – the ability of body systems to gather, process, and deliver oxygen. Toss-Up Both of these guys can go hard for long periods of time. Depending on the test either could prove better.

2. Stamina – the ability of body systems to process, deliver, store, and utilize energy. Froning – the Games are as grueling a test of stamina you will find in such a condensed time frame. But running 6 miles in a soccer game against the world’s best is no second rate test of stamina

3. Strength – the ability of a muscular unit, or combination of muscular units to apply force. Froning – not close here. Froning can make heavy weight looks like child’s play. However, you may be surprised how much Ronaldo can squat!

4. Flexibility – the ability to maximize the range of motion at a given joint. Froning – close grip overhead squats. everything in nanos, great mobility is why Froning looks so efficient with EVERY movement.

5. Power – the ability of a muscular unit, or combination of muscular units, to apply maximum force in minimum time. Froning but barely– 300lb snatch vs. kicking a soccer ball 80 miles an hour. It would be interesting to watch a variety of head to head tests of power between these two.

6. Speed – the ability to minimize the time cycle of a repeated movement. Ronaldo – he is fast – a lot faster than Froning in any test of pure speed.

7. Coordination – the ability to combine several distinct movement patterns into a singular distinct movements. Renaldo – not only is he fast but he can likely outrun Froning while dribbling a soccer ball. That is coordination at the highest level.

8. Agility – the ability to minimize transition time from one movement pattern to another. Ronaldo – I don’t see Froning being able to match him in any change of direction test.

9. Balance – the ability to control the placement of the body’s center of gravity in relation to its support base. Ronaldo – probably close here depending on the test but from what we have seen from both in their arenas I give the edge to Cristiano.

10. Accuracy – the ability to control movement in a given direction or at a given intensity. Ronaldo – not even close. Drilling a top shelf goal from 75 feet out takes some serious skill.

Giving equal weighting to the 10 you end up with a pretty even match. And it’s not unreasonable to see how a comprehensive test of these skills could have Ronaldo prevailing.

The Case for Froning: CrossFit is the only organization attempting to test a broad level of fitness and its champions are legit. If Froning could climb a rope 4 years ago he would have another title. No one in the sport of fitness can beat him and his consistency over the years will likely never be seen again in the sport. Until someone else creates another test of fitness to rival the Games it is CrossFit’s right to stake claim to having the Fittest champion.

The Case Against Froning: CrossFit Games athletes are rarely elite outside of the sport of CrossFit. There are exceptions but Froning for example did not play professional sports despite his obvious physical capacities – why not? Average sport specific athletes across the world have found a new sport to excel at and it’s called CrossFit. Even though the CrossFit Games workouts change the sport is not as “unknown and unknowable” as it once was. People now train for CrossFit as specifically as they do for other sports. CrossFit is still broader overall but it’s ultimate test (The Games) favors some skills: Strength, Power, Stamina, and Endurance much more than others: Agility, Balance, Accuracy, and Coordination. It’s a good test but far from perfectly comprehensive.

The Case for Ronaldo: You simply can’t appreciate how elite of an athlete this guy is by watching him on TV. Anyone who has been up close and personal while a professional athlete competes in his/her sport has to appreciate how physically dominant the best are in every sport – and in soccer Ronaldo is the best of the best. CrossFitters are right that he would probably not fare well at the CrossFit Games. But the gap would be just as wide if CrossFit Games athletes tried to stay with him on the soccer field and in many other tests of fitness. He is “ELITE ATHLETE” defined and just because his specializes doesn’t mean he doesn’t have a broad capacity and fitness.

The Case Against Ronaldo: First off Men’s Health is closer to being a tabloid than a scientific journal so it lacks credibility. But because Ranaldo specializes we simply don’t know enough about his capacities across the 10 general skills. How are his Oly Lifts and gymnastics skills? CrossFit will define fitness until someone else does it better, and so they own the rights to creating the test and crowning the champion. He would not win the CrossFit Games – period. Despite his elite athleticism we can safely assume there would be tests used by CrossFit that would expose some gaps. These gaps are likely due to lack of training for CrossFit and not due to his innate capabilities. But until we see Ronaldo tested outside of his sport there are too many unknowns.

It is a very interesting debate and topic to discuss for those of us who are passionate about CrossFit and sports. We are probably better off appreciating the amazing performances of elite athletes in all sports vs. trying to make a comparison we will never be able to test.

The Winner Is…

Neither! Sorry. Despite a good argument by Men’s Health and CrossFit’s unrivaled competition no one will ever have an iron clad claim to being the fittest on earth in my opinion.


Rob McDonald from Gym Jones made it all very simple to me when I trained with him a few years ago in Utah. He said:

“If someone asks you how fit you are you must answer this way: It depends… Fit for What? Fit Compared to Whom?” And if you think about it like that there will always be room for multiple arguments for who is the Fittest on Earth!
Now Go Train!

Breast Cancer has touched the lives of just about everyone reading this post. The amazing strength and stories of survivors are so inspiring. But there is so much more that needs to be done to:

Beat this disease!
Raise Awareness!
Ensure those that need screenings get those screenings!

Last week you read that we are once again hosting the Pink Dress Run. Sign up already! It’s just around the corner on Saturday Sept. 13th! Here is the link to last week’s blog post.

In addition to the Pink Dress Run CFSB is excited to announce it will host it’s first AMAZING GRACE WOD in support of Barbells for Boobs (B4B). This organization helps funds screenings for those that otherwise may not have access. In 2012 a local B4B event organized by coach Jeff while at CrossFit Alexandria led to direct impact for a local woman in our community. This WOD MATTERS! And it’s your chance to earn one of the most sought after Tshirts in the world of CrossFit!

b4b v1

Here are the details:

1. go to and create your fundraising page. There you will also find all the info you need on this amazing organization.

2. Once your page is created you can then join our team. Here is the link to our team page: Team Page

Our 2014 Team Goal is: $2000 We can do this!

3. Raise money for the cause. You can donate as well as get donations via social media but using the tools provided by B4B. $80 is a critical number for B4B. Read why here!

4. WOD with us on Friday October 17th!

The daily GYM WOD will be AMAZING GRACE: 30 Clean and Jerk Reps for Time 135/95 (But scaling will be provided for all who want to participate)

We will also run some evening heats beginning at 6:00pm. This is your chance to WOD side by side Coach Jeff and Coach Lisa! We’ll make this evening a social event so plan to be there regardless so we can once again do what we do best as a community!


If you have any questions about B4B Amazing Grace please contact Coach Jeff at 318-658-3805 or

This Fall will be a full one at CFSB!


Mobility Mojo
by Coach Jeff


You hear us talk about “mobility” all the time during group classes. And hopefully you have been able to address some of your “sticky” areas since you’ve started training at CFSB. It is our goal to help you be Fit for Life and improving mobility is a big piece of that process. Foam Rolling, Flossing, Stretching, Soft Tissue Work, and other strategies are all things that can help you depending on the issues you face. Besides the advice we offer in class you should always feel welcome to ask us for extra help. We also keep a copy of Supple Leopard (by Kelly Starett) at the gym which is loaded with some of the best advice and is very user friendly.

I have made improving mobility a big part of my 2015 training objectives. And I can tell you I should have started this about 20 years ago. Oh well – I can’t change that now but I can (and so can you) improve mobility which in turn will help us move better and in turn make us better at CrossFit!

Here is some advice as you consider spending more quality time on your mobility needs:

– Mobility work is not a met con. Do the work at a smart pace and intensity. Listen to your body.
– Be consistent! One day a week will not make a real difference. Multiple short sessions a day is best.
– Focus on one or two areas at a time. Trying to fix everything at once is not reasonable. Start with your most problematic areas.
– Know when to stop – just because you see a video of what good looks like doesn’t mean your body is ready for that range of motion.
– Use dynamic warm ups and stretches before your train. Reserve static stretching for after you train. Foam roll any time you can!

Lastly – there are folks who need virtually no mobility work. If you are blessed with unlimited flexibility and freakish joint mobility your extra work needs to be more dedicated to STABILITY. If you think you may be in that group come see me and I will put you through a quick assessment to confirm your gumby-ness!

For the rest of us we need to be diligent and committed to our mobility work. Our issues won’t get fixed on their own!


Coach Jeff

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