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Get Invloved! Barbells for Boobs and Guns and Hoses!

Fall is in the air and we have some great events approaching in the local CrossFit community. And to make these events a success we need YOU! That’s right we need you to step up, sign up, and help us make these events a success. And the community never fails so we know these events will once again highlight what we love most about being part of the fitness culture in Cenla. Here are the details:



Every year 1000s of CrossFit Gyms across the country join forces to raise funds and awareness through B4B events. This year we are joining other local CrossFit affiliates for “City Block Grace”.

Step one: Go to our CFSB B4B page and donate or create your own fundraising page:
You will need to create your own page and raise $80 for the coveted B4B Tshirt!

Step 2: Read about City Block Grace here and sign up to participate:



For the third year we are raising funds to support the Ezernack/Carruth criminal justice scholarship at LSUA. This scholarship was established in honor of David Ezernack and Jay Carruth. These heroes lost their lives in the line of duty 12 years ago and we will never forget their sacrifice in the local community.

This is a 3 person team event open to first responders and military persons. But we need plenty of volunteers and judges to make it a success! Please come and be a part of this amazing day!

Team/Judge/Volunteer registration is open!
Guns and Hoses 2015 is November 21st!

Men… Keep scrolling. This article is FOR WOMEN ONLY!

At the risk of grossing out my guy friends, and totally going against my husband’s wishes I write this post.

Ladies, there is a solution(s) for bladder leakage during double-unders.

Long before CrossFit and double-unders women have been embarrassed by bladder leakage while running, jumping, sneezing, and laughing. CrossFit came along and if double-unders are not hard enough, we have to sweat out the chance of having an accident in the middle of our workout. Bounding box jumps and the pressure on the bladder with heavy lifting also bring on uncontrolled, and embarrassing bladder issues. The issue is so big CrossFit did a story on it.

A while back I discovered a solution and would like to share with anyone who has not yet found the secret.

Using a tampon works to control leaks. In my experience the best product on the market is the Platex Gentle Glide – Ultra. I have tried other brands and sizes with results to a lesser degree. The Ultra has been 100%.

The product works by putting pressure on the urethra and preventing leaks.

Trust me when I say that not worrying about bladder control in a workout makes it a whole new workout.

I’ve now heard of a couple of new products on the market and have not yet tried them. Poise has an OTC product called Impressa Bladder Supports. They are disposable and work the same way.

So ladies… FREE YOURSELVES to run, jump, laugh, and LIVE without worrying about your bladder.

CAUTION: As we have always heard there is some risk with the use of a tampon. Tampons should not be left in greater than 6 hours to prevent Toxic Shock Syndrome. 

LIFT UP AUTISM WOD coming to CFSB on September 19th!

Everyone can support this event as a participant or just being there to cheer!

*IMPORTANT: If any of members or friends in the community want to share their story about Autism please contact Coach Jeff at The goal of the event is raise money and raise awareness and the more local the better!

Saturday September 19th beginning at 9am. We will run heats every 10 mins until everyone is done!

How Much?
As little as $10. The sign up link has a no donation option but all those over 18 years of age who do the WOD at CFSB will be asked to make the minimum donation. $35 if you want a cool T-shirt too.


What is the WOD?

4 Power Cleans: 155 lbs. men/105 lbs. women
24 Double Unders
10 Pull-Ups

The “Luke” workout is challenging but accessible. We have scaling options to accommodate athletes of all abilities and experience levels.



Visit to learn more!


Josh Everett, TrainHeroic, and the CrossFit™ community rallied together in spectacular fashion to support the Autism community in a worldwide workout event called LiftUpLuke on October of 2013.

This”competition for a cause” specifically sought to support early diagnosis and treatment of Autism, raise funds for the Autism Tree Project Foundation in San Diego, and most importantly, turn a global spotlight on the measured and severe impact of Autism on families and individuals around the world.

This year, we’re upping the ante and doubling down our efforts to take the impact of the event to another level.


CFSB Coaches Lisa Lauve and Jeff Prejean have qualified to compete in the 2015 Reebok CrossFit Games. Both coaches finished in the top 20 worldwide after the Open and Masters Qualifiers!

Coach Lisa finished 14th worldwide and Coach Jeff finished 18th worldwide.

Both will be traveling to Carson, CA this July 21-23 to compete for the title of Fittest on Earth in their respective divisions!

All of the live action will be streamed at



CrossFit South Bank will be hosting an Olympic Lifting Camp!

The class will be led by our new coach Tim Cormier who has been certified through USA Weightlifting and has had multiple years of coaching experience with the lifts.

The class will be on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 3:30 pm for an hour session each day, the program will last 6 weeks starting June 11th and ending July 21st.

The overall focus of the program will be improving the athlete’s Snatch, Clean, and Jerk.

It will be geared towards lifters of all levels. If you are a beginner, this will be a great opportunity to gain an understanding of the lifts and how to keep yourself safe while gaining speed and strength. For intermediate and advanced lifters it will be an opportunity to take your lifting to the next level with video analysis, expert coaching, and advanced programming.

The cost for the program will be $58 for South Bank members and $110 for non-members. Please text or call Tim at 985.974.6972 for information on the program and how to sign up. Spots will be limited to promote a small group learning environment. Do not wait for the last minute on this awesome opportunity, first come first serve.

Attention all CFSB Members,

The 2015 Louisiana Dragon Boat Races are just around the corner on Saturday May 2nd.

Most of you have seen or at least heard about the races and know how much fun they are. If you are not familiar, check out this video and see what you’ve been missing:

We would LOVE to have you on our team!

Here’s the deal: we need at least 20 paddlers. At least 8 have to be female. We need one drummer. Preferably someone small, light, energetic with a lot of rhythm! There is a $100.00 per person entry fee. This gets you a spot on the team, an official paddler t-shirt, a 1 hour practice session the week of the race and the most fun-filled Saturday you’ll have all year long!!!

Please let us know ASAP if you want to participate as there is a deadline to enter the race.

Check with Coach Lisa (318-664-2238), Coach Jeff, or Dustin Matthews (318-792-0260) if you have any questions. We look forward to hearing from you.

Paddles UP!

We have our own version of March Madness going on at South Bank. The Open has been a lot of fun with many members participating, record attendance in many classes, many new faces, and hopefully some FAT LOSS going on. The deadline for weigh in is this Saturday, March 14th. For your convenience I will post times that I will be available to measure this week. I will not be able to take measurements if I am coaching. You may do your final measurements any day this week, but Saturday is the deadline.

Please make sure you pay your $10.00 this week. Winners take all!!!

Good luck! … and Let this be only the beginning to your quest for a healthy waist line.       Good nutrition is a way of life… NOT a DIET!

Congratulations to you all!


WEIGHT LOSS / FAT LOSS…The goal is out there, but how am I going to do it? … We’re here to help!

Nutrition talk next Wednesday, January 28th, 6:30 pm at the gym. (General Fat Loss discussion including food selection and strategies for overcoming our habits.)

Kick off for the South Bank Fat Loss Partner Challenge. YES!!! …Together WE CAN! Your entire South Bank CrossFit Community is going to help you to be successful this time.

Choose your accountability partner… wife, boyfriend, some guy you saw at the gym, running buddy… or whoever you think you can inspire… or who can inspire you. (We can help to pair you up with someone if you like)

  • Percentage body fat loss
  • Percentage inches lost
  • Percentage weight lost

Measurements to be taken (confidentially of course) at the gym. Start date February 1 with 6 weeks to battle it out to become the leanest, meanest version of yourself EVER!

Team with biggest percentage loss will be crowned the champions!

Message Coach Lisa with any questions

Well it’s that time of year again and we couldn’t be more excited about this year’s CrossFit Games Open at CrossFit SouthBank. Some new faces will get to experience the Open for the first time. And many of our athletes will get to test themselves once again against CrossFitters across the globe.

We hope EVERYONE at CFSB signs ups this year! And why not? We will be programming the 5 Open Workouts each week into the gym’s daily WOD. The one major change that should put everyone’s mind at ease is that each week you will have a “scaled” option for the workouts. And remember this is all about fun and the community.

Go to to sign up ASAP. And remember to choose CrossFit SouthBank as your affiliate. Once you to we’ll add you to the team!

Here are a few more helpful links to answer all your questions about the Open. And of course your CFSB coaches are here to help you too. Keep training hard!

Click here for the basics on the Open

Click here for what’s new in 2015!

Click here for the 2015 Games schedule that begins with the Open!

2015 is YOUR YEAR!

Many people set ambitious goals and resolutions each January but ultimately fall short. Come experience the power of the CFSB community and why 2015 can be different. Whether you are looking for a positive change to your current routine or looking to start fresh we can help. Our mission for everyone that walks through our door is “FIT FOR LIFE.”


Additionally we will host:

Eating Clean Workshops: Jan 6th & Feb 3rd

Achieving Your Goals: Jan 13th & Feb 10th

*each workshop will last 1 hour and is open to members plus 1 guest. Start times will be posted in the near future.


Is CrossFit for me?
Yes – CrossFit is for everyone and that is why it has revolutionized the fitness industry. We tailor our program to meet the needs of anyone that walks through our door. If you are looking for shortcuts then we may not be the place for you. Our members are a community that have decided to do something about their health and wellness. And we are always looking for more like minded folks like those that we are fortunate to work with each day.

Are you running any Free Trials for the New Year?
Your first class is always free at CrossFit SouthBank. Just let us know when we can expect you. We decided early on to run our CrossFit affiliate a certain way with respect to free trials and contracts:

*We strive to offer the best of what CrossFit can be to our members. And because we dedicate ourselves to being the best at what we do we would never de-value those services by giving them away. * Our members don’t sign contracts. The vast majority have started and stayed with us. They didn’t come looking for the deal of the month. They came looking for results and a supportive community. And because we value their commitment to us so much we could never put out a deal that is better than what they were offered.

Ask our members and we feel confident they will tell you about the VALUE and RESULTS they get at CFSB rather than the price they pay. And we will never stop trying to improve the CFSB experience!

2015 is YOUR YEAR!

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