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Overhead Squats

6 Sets of 3 reps


For Time

30, 20, 10

Power Snatch * Box Jumps * Pull Ups


South Bank Runners,

We’re approaching the highest mileage on your long runs. How are you feeling? Continue to play with your nutrition and clothing on your long runs so that you have the perfect plan for whatever mother nature delivers on race day.

  • Make sure to MAINTAIN GOOD HYDRATION during the week and not just for long runs. Its easy to get busy and go all day without drinking water. I suggest that you carry a bottle with you all day long and drink it.
  • The holidays ARE HERE! Remember your goal and DO NOT OVER INDULGE. Running really S*%#s with a hangover. (from alcohol or food)
  • Try not to get sick. Be mindful of crowds and wash your hands very often. At the VERY FIRST signs of a cold…ZYCAM works like magic to ward it off. You may want to purchase some to have ready. 

Week 9:

Monday: CrossFit only

Tuesday: CrossFit only

Wednesday: CrossFit only

Thursday: One hour run @ 70% (Run at a pace that feels good.)

Friday: CrossFit only

Saturday / Sunday: REST one day and Run the other day for 90 minutes @ 70%. (Stay at a comfortable pace but try your best NOT to WALK.)

The Calvary TURKEY TROT is a great 5K and you can do that on Thursday and just add to it before or after. 

Happy Thanksgiving! You guys are doing so well! Keep it up!



New Snacks to Try at CFSB!

CrossFitters love to talk about nutrition – “What do you eat?” “Is that Paleo?” “Time for a cheat meal!” Food is as personal as it gets but all gotta eat right? This month we are piloting a few new items in the gym. If any or all of them move well we will restock just like we do with beverages. It they don’t then we’ll continue to try to find things our members like. We want you to have access to healthy items that will fuel your WODs or assist in your recovery. Let us know what you think about these items as they appear on the shelves of CFSB!

OUTLAW PROTEIN $4.50 for 3 pack. 3 individuals servings perfect for pre workout or a snack on the go!


Outlaw Fuel is a different kind of protein bar. It looks different and definitely taste different then any other bar you have eaten. Outlaw Fuel stands apart from the typical chalky, dry, and industrial taste we expect when it comes it protein bars. Outlaw is 100% natural. Each piece contains 10 grams of protein, that’s more protein than 8oz of milk. These tasty morsels put you in control of your protein intake! Outlaw Fuel focuses on using organic, local, raw, all-natural ingredients as much as possible. We do not add anything you cannot feel good about eating. There are absolutely no additives, preservatives, stabilizers, soy, or corn…ever. We carefully choose our ingredients to yield the best taste with the best quality. You only have one body we want to help you keep it the best it can be!

EPIC BARS $3 each


The EPIC bar is a 100% grass fed animal based protein bar designed as nature intended. Paleo friendly, gluten free, and low in sugar, we believe that EPIC foods should inspire EPIC health.



Perfect Fit Protein Cookies are gluten-free, soft-baked, cookies that contain 100% natural ingredients and are antioxidant-rich. They are packed with protein and fiber, and are low in sugar and sodium making them a suitable snack any time of the day. With three different delicious flavors, you are sure to find a favorite.

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