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Overhead Squats

6 Sets of 3 reps


For Time

30, 20, 10

Power Snatch * Box Jumps * Pull Ups



WHO’s ready to take on 2017? Join CFSB NOW to take advantage of this BEGINNER running and conditioning Winter Session


 0 – 13 in 8

ZERO to 13.1 miles in 8 weeks

Want to run a ½ marathon in March? Can’t imagine even running a 5k? We are here to help you get ready.


* Hill, bleacher, and speed work

* Conditioning including body weight and interval training

Group Runs:

Mondays & Wednesdays 5:30 pm, and Saturdays at 9:00 am (Times adjusted according to weather and group needs)


Tuesday 5:30 pm off location for hills, bleachers, or track work

Fridays 5:30 pm CrossFit South Bank interval training

Thursdays recommended Rest Day (Program calls for a REST Day. CFSB always available for mobility or additional conditioning if desired.)

By March 1st you’ll be ready to run one of these exciting 1/2 Marathons.

Saturday March 4th     Gusher’s in Beaumont 

                                             Run 4 Bibles in Dallas

                                             The Woodlands 1/2 (Near Houston)

Sunday March 5th       Seaside in Destin -Vera Bradley Sponsored

Sunday March 12th     The Amazing 1/2 in Baton Rouge

                                             Zydeco 1/2 in Lafayette


Spring Challenge Starts in MARCH!


Race Week is here for the La Half Runners!

Plan your race…Race your plan!

Although everyone has a different goal, I hope everyone has as much fun and success in crossing the finish line. It’s been a great journey and I am so pumped with how hard you all have trained. The sky is the limit for you now. It’s time to sit back and enjoy your accomplishment.

This week’s Schedule:

Monday: CrossFit Only

Tuesday: Run 4 miles @70%

Wednesday: REST DAY

Thursday: Run 1 mile @ 80% / rest 3 minutes. Run 1 mile @ 85% / rest 3 minutes. Run 1 mile @ 90% (easy cool down jog 5-10 minutes

Friday and Saturday: REST DAYS … stretch / easy 1 mile jog if you feel compelled. Make sure you stay well hydrated this week. Carry around a big water bottle with you. Get plenty of sleep! Enjoy the week!


1/4/16 – It’s Taper time!

You survived the holidays! … And the good news is… You still have something AWESOME to look forward to! It’s TAPER TIME!!! Pat yourselves on the back for putting in the work. It’s down hill from here until the BIG DAY!


Week 15: taper week– if it’s a rest day – REST!

Monday- CF only

Tuesday- CF only

Wednesday – Rest Day

Thursday – 3 rounds run 10 minutes @90% walk 1 minute

Friday – CF only

Saturday / Sunday – Run 10K @70%

Have a great week!!!

PS…Planning a breakfast for you all for next Saturday (1/9/16) after your 10K. Please let me know if you’re in. I can program a route from my home if you like.

Happy New Year! I hope everyone had a great Christmas and kept up with their training. Well… even if you didn’t that’s ok. Tomorrow’s a new day… and Friday’s a NEW YEAR! 🙂

2016 is YOUR Year! Kicking it off with your 1/2 in January… or for some of you February. We’re just 3 weeks out. Stay away from sick people. Wash your hands frequently. HYDRATE, SLEEP,…and EAT to PERFORM. You’ll KILL IT!

Week 14:

Monday – CF only

Tuesday – am – CF / pm – 8 rounds 200 meter sprint with 2 minutes rest in between

Wednesday – CF only

Thursday – 1600 meter run @ 95%, rest 3 minutes/ 1200 meter run @ 95%, rest 2 minutes / 800 meter run @ 95%, rest 1 minute / 400 meter run @ 95%

Friday – CF only

Saturday or Sunday – Run 90 minutes, alternating 20 minute runs @85% and 10 minute runs @ 65%

Have a great week!


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Hopefully all of your shopping has been done and you’re winding it down to allow for a stress-free, wonderful Christmas. Try to plan ahead to avoid staying up too late assembling toys, baking, or cleaning. Stay hydrated through the busy week. Carry around a bottle of water. Exercise moderation in all of your Yule Tide Festivities. In other words… Enjoy Christmas!… bur don’t forget your BIG Goal!

Week 13:

Monday: am – CrossFit / pm – 5 rounds 500 meters with 2 minutes rest (or 6 rounds 400 meters if you prefer to run on the track)

Tuesday: CrossFit Only

Wednesday: am 10K @ 85% pace (no CrossFit)

Thursday: CrossFit (12 Days of Christmas workout)

Friday: Merry Christmas … Nice brisk walk with family after Christmas dinner

Saturday or Sunday: 60 minute run @ 60-70% effort

Merry Christmas!


Happy Running! Hopefully most of you are right on schedule! I’ll be checking in this week to see how it’s going for you. I’m sure you have days when you’re just not feeling it. … I do too!! That’s when I tell myself to just do the work. … and get through it… and then I FEEL MUCH BETTER! Most of you know how good the accomplishment feels on race day. Try and mentally put yourself there when you need a little more inspiration.

It’s GETTING CLOSE… A little caution…It’s very common to feel a bit of a let down after your big event. One way to avoid the post accomplishment let down is to begin thinking about your next goal. December is the perfect time to plan what you want to accomplish in 2016. Another 1/2 marathon… possibly a beautiful destination run, a triathlon, or maybe a full 26.2. I’d love to hear your goals and happy to help you plan.

Week 12:

Monday: CrossFit Only

Tuesday: am- CrossFit / pm- 8 rounds 200 meter sprint with 2 minute rest in between

Wednesday: CrossFit Only

Thursday: 1600 meter run @ 95%. Rest 3 minutes / 1200 meter run @ 95%. Rest 2 minutes / 800 meter run @ 95%. Rest 1 minute / 400 meter run @ 95%. 5 minutes recovery jog and then STRETCH. (No CrossFit)

Friday: CrossFit Only

Saturday / Sunday: 3 Rounds (20 minute run @ 85% effort / 10 minute run @ 65% effort) This is 90 minutes of non-stop running.

Have a great week!


Hopefully you’re getting your miles in and are feeling confident about the big day. Other than a few sore knees, and some lingering foot issues most of you are holding up very well.

Continue to fine tune your pre-race and race nutrition and hydration. REMEMBER… Everyone is different. You have to do what works for you.

It’s FULL BLOWN Holiday Season. It’s Christmas! … and there are many opportunities for over indulging. Try and schedule your runs so that celebrations don’t sabotage your training. You’re so close! Keep your eye on the prize!

I tell myself very often…“If you can take it, you can make it.” Be mentally tough!

Reach out to me if you have questions or concerns or need help with your training. I just can’t do your Christmas shopping. I can’t even get mine done.



Monday: am – CrossFit. pm- 6 rounds 400 meter sprint rest 2 minutes between each

Tuesday: CrossFit Only

Wednesday: Rest Day

Thursday: am- 5K run for time / No CrossFit / pm- 5K run for time

Friday: CrossFit Only

Saturday or Sunday: 60 minute run @ 60-70% effort (minimum 6 miles)

Happy Running!


You guys are ROCKING this thing! By now …YOU KNOW YOU CAN DO THIS!

The holidays add so much additional activity in shopping, decorating, cooking and entertaining. Try not to say YES to more than you have to. Remember how important sleep and rest are to your training. Shoot for 8-10 hours of sleep when you can. Even if you fall way short of that, but you’re able to sleep more than YOU normally do, it will help to keep you well, injury free, and present in this world.

STAY WELL! Wash your hands often. Limit kissing people at parties, and keep Zicam on hand for the first signs of a cold.

Week 10:

Monday: CrossFit only

Tuesday: 4 Rounds 400 meter run @ max effort / rest 3 minutes between, 3 rounds 800 meter run @ 90% / rest 3 minutes between, 2 rounds 1 mile run @ 80% / rest 3 minutes between (no CrossFit)

Wednesday: REST DAY!

Thursday: 15k time Trial (9.3 miles) (No CrossFit)

Friday: CrossFit Only

Saturday or Sunday: 4 rounds Run 2 miles @ 80% / Rest 5 minutes (Rest the other day)


You guys are definitely… FIT FOR LIFE!

South Bank Runners,

We’re approaching the highest mileage on your long runs. How are you feeling? Continue to play with your nutrition and clothing on your long runs so that you have the perfect plan for whatever mother nature delivers on race day.

Make sure to MAINTAIN GOOD HYDRATION during the week and not just for long runs. Its easy to get busy and go all day without drinking water. I suggest that you carry a bottle with you all day long and drink it.
The holidays ARE HERE! Remember your goal and DO NOT OVER INDULGE. Running really S*%#s with a hangover. (from alcohol or food)
Try not to get sick. Be mindful of crowds and wash your hands very often. At the VERY FIRST signs of a cold…ZYCAM works like magic to ward it off. You may want to purchase some to have ready.
Week 9:

Monday: CrossFit only

Tuesday: CrossFit only

Wednesday: CrossFit only

Thursday: One hour run (minimum 6 miles) @ 70% (Run at a pace that feels good.)

Friday: CrossFit only

Saturday / Sunday: REST one day and Run the other day for 90 minutes @ 70%. (Stay at a comfortable pace but try your best NOT to WALK.) (If you were not able to do the 3x5k last week try and get 9 miles in for this run)

The Calvary TURKEY TROT is a great 5K and you can do that on Thursday and just add to it before or after.

Happy Thanksgiving! You guys are doing so well! Keep it up!

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