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Overhead Squats

6 Sets of 3 reps


For Time

30, 20, 10

Power Snatch * Box Jumps * Pull Ups


South Bank Runners,

We’re approaching the highest mileage on your long runs. How are you feeling? Continue to play with your nutrition and clothing on your long runs so that you have the perfect plan for whatever mother nature delivers on race day.

  • Make sure to MAINTAIN GOOD HYDRATION during the week and not just for long runs. Its easy to get busy and go all day without drinking water. I suggest that you carry a bottle with you all day long and drink it.
  • The holidays ARE HERE! Remember your goal and DO NOT OVER INDULGE. Running really S*%#s with a hangover. (from alcohol or food)
  • Try not to get sick. Be mindful of crowds and wash your hands very often. At the VERY FIRST signs of a cold…ZYCAM works like magic to ward it off. You may want to purchase some to have ready. 

Week 9:

Monday: CrossFit only

Tuesday: CrossFit only

Wednesday: CrossFit only

Thursday: One hour run @ 70% (Run at a pace that feels good.)

Friday: CrossFit only

Saturday / Sunday: REST one day and Run the other day for 90 minutes @ 70%. (Stay at a comfortable pace but try your best NOT to WALK.)

The Calvary TURKEY TROT is a great 5K and you can do that on Thursday and just add to it before or after. 

Happy Thanksgiving! You guys are doing so well! Keep it up!



Fit For Life! Our Focus from Day 1

Thank you to all our members who continue to let us share in their personal success! Here is what few of them had to share.

“When I turned 48 I realized getting healthy was a “must do” sooner rather than later. My wife, being the consummate researcher, found some options and we weighed them together. We settled on 4HB (4 Hour Body) as a lifestyle choice and never looked back,. I weighed in at 300 lbs and Susan at 180, Together through diet and exercise we lost a collective 156 pounds. While I was on extended travel, Susan found a Yoga studio and light weight training. Upon my return, I “discovered” Crossfit and determined that when I could afford it, I would commit to it. And I have. Just being able to Crossfit at the age of 50 after so many years of inactivity is to me, a success in and of itself. I couldn’t be happier with Crossfit South Bank and my growth in just two and a half months. I’m noticing I’m not last as often, my max back squat is getting easier and there are plenty of really hard working box mates to draw inspiration from. So, the success to me is being able to say. I’m a Crossfitter, and watching people react when they ask and I tell them, I’m a crossfitter. One of my favorite responses from a Barista one morning :

Barista: where to you work out?
me: Crossfit South Bank
Barista: Oooh, you guys go hard!
Me: Yes we do (with a HUGE smile on my face)”

“Almost too embarrassed to share! Anyways, 15.8 inches gone forever! The fact that 4.5 are from my waist is the most exciting!”

“I have regained my life back at CFSB 80 pounds in 8 months I feel stronger, healthier, happier and I owe it all to CFSB!”

I’ve been able to reach a much more complete level of fitness since beginning crossfit. Crossfit forces me to train other areas that I had neglected using other styles of training. As a prior enlisted service member and college athlete, I’ve used a lot of training programs and I can honestly say that crossfit has been the most complete style of exercise I’ve adopted.

January Member Spotlight! India Vermaelen

A regular at 5am – India is always up the challenge of the daily WOD! Keep it up India!


“I joined Crossfit South Bank last spring with a group of friends. I don’t think I would have ever joined on my own. I was intimidated and I knew it would help to join with those familiar to me who offered encouragement and motivation. Since I have been at South Bank I have continued to be surrounded by people who offer encouragement, motivation and drive. All members are at different levels and they all challenge and inspire me every day. We are all trying to be better versions of our self. And the coaches are there to help us achieve our goals – they are knowledgeable and caring. They believe in me, they teach me, they push me.”

“I have played tennis for several years and I can see how Crossfit has benefited my game – my agility, speed, and endurance have all improved. I can also see the benefits of Crossfit in the way my clothes fit, which is always a nice perk!”

“I am not the strongest or the fastest, by far. I have to scale many of the WODS but I know that I am stronger and faster than I was when I first walked through the door at Crossfit. And I know that I will continue to get stronger and faster. And for that I am proud and thankful.”


Member Spotlight Returns! Patty Starkey is amazing and we are so pleased she gave CFSB a shot. You surely make us smile Patty so thank you for being such a positive part of our community!

“I have been working out for years trying to lose weight, gain muscle tone, and increase my energy. I tried several different types of workouts, along with calorie counting, only to become more discouraged and frustrated at the lack of results I was getting. My doctor told me that weight gain and loss of energy were normal due to my age and stage of life. I knew I didn’t have to accept “normal”, that there was something out there that could help me reach my goals. I didn’t want to give up.

My daughter suggested I try Crossfit, but from what I had heard and seen, it looked intimidating. As a 51 year old, non-athlete, I thought Crossfit was only for young athletic and competitive people. I am proof that is not true! One day I decided to go check it out, and I haven’t stopped going since. From the first day, I was treated like part of the CFSB family. Everyone was so welcoming. It didn’t take long to become hooked. It’s been one of the best decisions I have made for my health. The workouts are challenging and sometimes exhausting, but I always leave feeling stronger. The coaches have been extremely helpful and encouraging. They always push me to give my max effort but will scale the workouts if something is too difficult. After months of going, I have completed workouts that I never would have dreamed of doing before. I have truly seen a difference in body and energy!

Shortly after joining CFSB, I began the Paleo diet. This new way of eating, coupled with the intense workouts, has impacted my life in a drastic way. Since I started, I have lost 10 pounds and dropped 3 pants sizes. A friend recently told me, “You are a walking advertisement for Crossfit”. I know that I’m healthier than I have ever been and my friends are noticing a difference in me. After years of unsuccessful workout programs, I’m finally reaching goals that seemed impossible to achieve. Crossfit and Paleo have helped me feel better than I have ever felt. It’s no longer just working out for me, it’s an addiction! I plan on being a part of CFSB as long as it’s around!”

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