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Count down to the “O” video Critique

Video critique helps you avoid a NO REP and improve your efficiency.

My favorite advice from my Brute Strength Coach, Games Athlete @adrianconway was to video myself practicing movements. Most importantly this exercise will allow you and others to ensure you are meeting the standards for every movement. Standards such as squatting below parallel for overhead squats and wall balls, fully extending your hips at the top of a box jump, and locking your arms out in a muscle up must be met during any CrossFit competition, including the CrossFit Open. Close reps do not get the benefit of the doubt. It’s a very good idea to never give your judge a reason to question your standards.

Equally as important is the benefit of improving your efficiency in the movements through practice and video critique. When you share your video with your coaches and other athletes it allows for feedback to help you become more efficient. Video review with my coaches helped me tremendously in improving the efficiency of my box jump-overs, pistol squats, and bar muscle ups. So…this is your chance. Create as many selfie videos as you want. Share them with those you respect and trust. If you want to compete like the big guns, treat your Open like they do.

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