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Men… Keep scrolling. This article is FOR WOMEN ONLY!

At the risk of grossing out my guy friends, and totally going against my husband’s wishes I write this post.

Ladies, there is a solution(s) for bladder leakage during double-unders.

Long before CrossFit and double-unders women have been embarrassed by bladder leakage while running, jumping, sneezing, and laughing. CrossFit came along and if double-unders are not hard enough, we have to sweat out the chance of having an accident in the middle of our workout. Bounding box jumps and the pressure on the bladder with heavy lifting also bring on uncontrolled, and embarrassing bladder issues. The issue is so big CrossFit did a story on it. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=UKzq1upNIgU

A while back I discovered a solution and would like to share with anyone who has not yet found the secret.

Using a tampon works to control leaks. In my experience the best product on the market is the Platex Gentle Glide – Ultra. I have tried other brands and sizes with results to a lesser degree. The Ultra has been 100%.

The product works by putting pressure on the urethra and preventing leaks.

Trust me when I say that not worrying about bladder control in a workout makes it a whole new workout.

I’ve now heard of a couple of new products on the market and have not yet tried them. Poise has an OTC product called Impressa Bladder Supports. They are disposable and work the same way.

So ladies… FREE YOURSELVES to run, jump, laugh, and LIVE without worrying about your bladder.

CAUTION: As we have always heard there is some risk with the use of a tampon. Tampons should not be left in greater than 6 hours to prevent Toxic Shock Syndrome. 

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