Getting Started
If you have any questions about getting started, call us at 318.664.2238

Our goal is to make EVERYONE feel welcome and
set you up for SUCCESS!

CrossFit is something you can, and should do for life! And your first few months are key to that success!

Read our Getting Started Process then use the form to the right and begin your life changing journey at CrossFit South Bank!

Ready to Change Your Life? Here’s how:


1. Fill out the quick form to the right and let us know when we can expect you! We love seeing new faces at CFSB!

2. Come to any of our regularly scheduled group classes. You will be put through the warm up with the class then do our first time visit workout. It’s the same for everyone and designed to give you a taste of the CrossFit South Bank Experience.

Ready to Join? Great! Your Next Step is to Complete our “CrossFit 101” Process.

CrossFit 101

All new members must complete CrossFit 101 within their first month.

Option 1: Scheduled CF 101. These dates are posted on our social media outlets and announced at the gym.

Option 2: Private CrossFit 101 – based on Coach Availability

Option 3: If our UNSTOPPABLE TRAINING is in session you can spend 4 weeks with this group instead of CF 101

The cost for CrossFit 101 is $100 The remainder of the monthly rate will be pro-rated accordingly

Understanding the methods and movements of CrossFit is critical for anyone new to CrossFit. It doesn’t matter if you have been a couch potato or Iron Man Qualifier, we need to lay the right foundation with all new athletes.

Trust the Process. It is our belief that you can’t enjoy CrossFit long term without a structured beginning.

To contact us about starting CrossFit 101 or trying your first class please use the form to the right!

Click here if you are new to CrossFit.

Click here for our Pricing and Membership Options

Discounted Rates available for Veterans, Active Military, First Responders, Teachers, Students, and Families

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