Membership Options/Rates

Our goal is to make EVERYONE feel welcome and
set you up for SUCCESS!

CrossFit is something you can, and should do for life! And your first few months are key to that success!

Ready to Change Your Life? Here’s how:

For the first 2-3 months at CrossFit South Bank all new members will be considered Founding Club members. Once we reach a membership threshold we will transition to a traditional On-Ramp to Group Class Model.

So for Founding Club members there is no extra on-ramp fee! Fill out our “Your First Class is Free” sign up form to the right. Or if you have questions please stop in anytime we are open – we’d love to meet you!

As we build our membership, all group classes will be run with an emphasis on establishing good technique and form with key CrossFit exercises and movements. This is ideal for beginners AND experienced CrossFitters. Everyone can benefit from solid fundamentals. It keeps you progressing and keeps you safe!

Quality coaching is a top priority at CrossFit South Bank.

We will teach “bite sized” parts of our core education elements daily so that every member will get the basics down over their first few weeks.

Of course there will be WODs (workouts of the day) for each class so you can get your fitness on! These will be classic CrossFit workouts – adjustable and scalable to any fitness level so everyone can join in the action!

We offer monthly options based on the amount of individualization you want from our coaches. There are no contracts to sign. Members can change membership levels from month to month.

CrossFit 101: $100

Required within first month of joining. Click here to learn more.

Open Gym: $65/month

Open Gym Members have access to our a facility during designated Open Gym hours. These hours are not coach led and other training may take place at the same time on occasion. Open gym members are responsible for their own programming or can do the WOD (Workout of the Day) posted daily on the gym’s whiteboard.

Unlimited Group Class: $130/month

Traditional Coach Led Group Classes. Group classes are instructed by our world class trainers and allow you to benefit from what most love about CrossFit: The Community WOD (Workout of the Day). Group classes have a programmed warm up, WOD, and cool down. Each athlete will receive expert coaching during each session. No other training will take place during Group Class sessions. Group Class members have access to CFSB during Open Gym hours.

Private Coaching: Contact Us.

Our coaches work with athletes of all ages and needs. If you prefer private coaching we will make every effort to accommodate you.

Punch Card: $120 – good for 12 Group Classes

UNSTOPPABLE TRAINING $100/month – These classes meet M, T, and Th at 6:30pm. They are geared toward the beginner or those not interested in working on barbell and gymnastics skills as much as regular group classes

Drop In: $20 or buy a Tshirt for $25

Other Services Offered:

Skill Sessions $35:

Need a little dedicated help with pull up technique, clean and jerk, or rowing? Our coaches would love to help. Fill out our form to the right if interested in a 45 min skill session and one of our coaches will contact you within 48 hours.

Nutrition Pack $75:

Three 30 minute private sessions to fine tune and ensure your nutrition is on track. Fill out our form to the right if interested in a Nutrition Pack and one of our coaches will contact you within 48 hrs. Your first Nutrition Pack comes with a Nutrition Log book.

Discounts offered:

Spouse/Partner Rate: $195 – $75 for additional family members the same

$95/Month for Unlimited Membership for Active Military/Veterans/First Responders/Teachers

$95/Month for College | $75/Month for High School

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