What Is CrossFit?
The answer to that question is as varied as the people who are CrossFitters. The reality is that CrossFit means something different to everyone.

Check out CrossFit HQ’s “What is CrossFit?” video

CrossFit South Bank’s view of CrossFit:

CrossFit IS Training for optimal health and all that life can throw your way.

Life is a sport, and therefore we are all Athletes!

CrossFit IS NOT sport specific

(i.e. a traditional marathon training program), but can help you improve your performance in virtually any other sport or endeavor.

CrossFit IS for everyone.

Why? Because we take very careful attention to get you started correctly and safely. We modify the workouts so you make progress for as long as you are a CrossFitter.

CrossFit IS NOT only for elite athletes like the ones you see on ESPN.

Sure, there are some amazingly gifted CrossFitters out there who compete at a high level. But the vast majority of CrossFitters are just good people who want to improve there health and quality of life.

CrossFit IS Challenging.

Our workouts are known to be short but intense. The intensity of our workouts is what separates CrossFit from other programs that offer only mediocre results. Intensity equals results.

CrossFit IS NOT Impossible.

Yes, it’s hard at times. But didn’t someone once tell you that anything worth having would be that way. Most who have done CrossFit will tell you that the intensity is what scared them the most at the beginning. But now it is intensity that keeps them coming back for more.

CrossFit IS a safe and effective way to train.

Our commitment to developing proper technique and educating our athletes helps ensure the risk of injury is minimized.

CrossFit IS NOT more dangerous than other forms of training.

There is no evidence that CrossFitters suffer training related injuries at a higher rate than athletes in other programs (check the stats on the percentage of runners who are injured each year). A training program with zero risk for injury doesn’t exist. We take pride in helping our athletes minimize the risk for injury through proper technique, education, and recovery methods.

CrossFit IS proven effective.

Go to any CrossFit gym and you will find a gym full of people in the best shape of their life. You’ll meet people whose health has been dramatically improved due to training with CrossFit programming. The number of CrossFitters is growing because folks are seeing results they simply can’t get at a 24 hour fitness center or overpriced traditional personal training.

CrossFit IS NOT the latest fitness craze or fad.

CrossFit is LIFE STYLE. It’s a choice to be the best you! CrossFit was founded in 2003 and from day one connected with experts in the fields of weightlifting, gymnastics, and strength & conditioning. Proven scientific methods are at the core of CrossFit’s programming. Today CrossFit has become a sport – the Sport of Fitness. CrossFit is here to stay!

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