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Member Spotlight Athlete Chris Robinson shares his CFSB story:

“One year ago I found myself a 44 year old Dad of three, a 16 year old daughter and 4 and 2 year old boys. I was more out of shape than I had been in my life.A bunch of pounds overweight, hypertensive and a couple other issues the Doc was watching closely. My children didn’t ask for an unhealthy Dad, they deserved me to be more healthy and fit.

I chose Crossfit out of curiosity, I had been a member of a local health club for like 4 years with no real results due to no effort on my part. I will tell anyone that is pretty deconditioned, Crossfit is a wake up call. I knew I was out of shape, I had no idea HOW out of shape. But the soreness and the fatigue quickly give way to enjoyment, and gains(the soreness does come back often!) . I really enjoy the ever changing and challenging work outs and have some things that are more challenging than others, but I have started to enjoy working on my weaknesses as much or more than my strengths.

Results have been fun to see and feel. Being able to give more piggy back and shoulder rides, flips into the pool, more games of chase, jump in and out of the back of a truck, sleep better, wake up better, buy a new belt, work all day in the yard with no tiredness, all the fun stuff! On a serious note, my blood work has improved, I have been on BP medicine for over a decade and my blood pressure continues to get better. Hopefully reducing the dose or eliminating it on the next doctors visit!

I have changed my view of fitness quite a bit and really like to challenge myself to do better. My wife, Kelly, joined shortly after me. She doesn’t beat me on every workout now, so that is a positive! I also like seeing my fellow members continue to improve. Having a group to be accountable to is a major benefit of membership. I think of it as an investment in my life and health, at the end of the day I think every person reaches the crossroads. The crew and coaches at Southbank have been supportive, encouraging and helpful throughout. To everyone that is somewhat interested, I would say give it a shot for a few months, it may be the best money, time and effort ever spent.”


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