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My Fitness Journey
By Cindy Griffin


I have always been a very active person. My theory in life was “if you could not bounce it, swing at it, chase it, climb it or ride it, I really was not interested in it. I had the honor of playing high school and college sports so fitness was a key part of my life, but then I became a wife, started a career and then became a mother, which resulted in all of the activities I loved to do taking a backseat to carpool’s, children’s activities and homework. Don’t get me wrong I would not trade a minute of the time I spent raising my children but finding time to be fit was not mathematically possible.

As soon as my children left for college I also returned to graduate school, so once again there were not enough hours in the day exercise. It was not until I hit fifty that reality set in and I realized that if I wanted to be an active grandparent I better get busy and get fit. The first step I took was to go back to playing tennis. Once I was back on the tennis court I realized just out of shape I was. A good friend of mine asks me to go to Boot camp with her so I enrolled. Even though it was exhausting and I was so out of shape it rejuvenated my longing to be fit and to look fit. Once I completed the boot camp I started going to the Gym and working out on a regular basis.

After two to three years of going to the gym off and on I became bored and began to look for something that would push me harder. I overheard a conversation about something called Crossfit. It sounded like something right up my alley, so I gave it a try. It pushed me harder that anything I had ever done, it kept my interest because each day was different and the community atmosphere was something I needed at that point in my life. I have stopped Crossfit a few times and returned to the gym but each time after a few months I realize that I need what Crossfit offers. The last time I returned was in October when I started the CrossFit Southbank UNSTOPPABLE Training and once again I became immersed in the CrossFit culture.

I certainly can’t say that I Rx workouts or that I am very good at anything but I set small goals and work hard to meet that goal then I move on to a new goal. One of my goals was to be able to do a strict pull-up before I turned fifty-five. The day before my 55th birthday I reached that goal. That was two years ago and I have just started being able to do a kipping pull-up. I haven’t decided what my next goal is but I know there are plenty of moves left to master. I say all this to encourage anyone intimated by Crossfit to take the leap and give it a try, you are never too old to Crossfit.

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