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Member Spotlight – Claudette Green

We are lucky to have fans like Claudette spreading her love of CrossFit and CFSB with everyone she knows! Thank you Claudette and keep up the great work!

What Claudette had to say:

“Have you heard of Crossfit?” That’s usually how it starts when I see someone who is interested in taking their body to the next level and they asked how I keep in shape. Reflecting back, I wasn’t always that way. I have always been an active person

My journey to Crossfit has been one of a wake up call. Years earlier, my younger brother was preparing for heart surgery and I remember thinking he was so young. Soon after my mother passed away. Even though I wasn’t out of shape, I wanted to transform my body. I realized I couldn’t eat and workout like I used to.

Crossfit has really changed my life. There’s nothing like the feeling you have after working out. You feel like you can conquer the world. At 54, I want to inspire others that they can do it too and it will give you a better quality of life. That’s why everywhere I go, I can’t help but promote Crossfit. I have drunk the Kool Aid.


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