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The CrossFit community from day one has had a special relationship with the men and women of law enforcement. And CrossFit SouthBank is proud to continue that great tradition by having a number of APD officers in our community. Our Fit for Life program is very traditional CrossFit and true to the goal of developing a broad general fitness in our membership. The life of a police officer is the ultimate “unknown” and “unknowable” when it comes to the daily physical demands of the job. And for that reason CFSB is an excellent choice for first responders looking to be physically fit for duty. We asked our APD members to share a few thoughts about CrossFit and how it relates to their profession. Thanks for sharing y’all – it’s easy to see why you inspire us to work with our heroes!

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Left to Right: Anthony, Carla, and Glen

“If you are burnt out in the gym or just looking to get yourself back into shape, give it a try! There are people who have misconceptions about what crossfit is, I was one of them, but I still gave it a try. Must say I am glad that I did!” – Tod

“Crossfit has been great for me. I’ve been a member for three months, it has helped me lose weight and have more confidence about myself.” – Glen

“Crossfit has helped me to remain more flexible, with increased strength and endurance. I have more energy to try and keep up with a police K9 which is fundamentally impossible.” – Keith

“I would tell other first responders looking for a way to get in shape to try Crossfit. You can be big and strong as an Ox, but have no endurance, or you could run forever but be weak. Crossfit will provide you with both, if you allow it to. In my profession I need both. I know if the fight goes bad I can hang in there for at least 10 mins before some help arrive.” – Anthony

“Before CrossFit, I was recovering from 2 broken ankles that happened at the same time while on duty. Two surgeries, a plate and twelve screws later, I was bound to a wheelchair for most of the summer of 2012. I found out quickly that being able to walk is a blessing and that I had taken so much for granite. I had been lazy and was overweight. I vowed to myself that I would not take it for granite again. Once I was able to walk, I began walking short distances and then miles. I gradually improved to jogging but could never really do any strength training that consisted of using my ankles. I did this on my own motivation. But as time passed, my motivation started lacking and I began forgetting what it was like to be confined to that “CHAIR”. Once I tried CrossFit at Southbank, I found that having someone else to motivate me and encourage me was exactly what I needed. With 2 great trained coaches, I was able to feel confident in trying strength training using my ankles instead of taking the easy way out and saying, “I can’t do that”. In turn, I have become a much stronger person overall. I have improved on pushups, sit ups and running which is required in our annual P.T. test at APD.” – Carla

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