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I have been an active person and a casual runner most of my life. After having my third child, I decided I really wanted my pre-babies body back. I spent months doing the same old boring gym routine and pounding the pavement for hours. I was never satisfied. So, my husband and I decided to run a very hilly, difficult marathon course in Big Sur, California. I knew my treadmill training was not gonna cut it. I had heard friends just rave about Crossfit and was impressed with their results so I thought I would give it a shot to help me get in shape to finish the marathon. Best. Decision. Ever. The transformation that Crossfit has brought to my body, my mind and my running is beyond all expectations. I soon had my husband and kids start Crossfit as well. They love it just as much as I do!!

Crossfit is an atmosphere like no other. There is a camaraderie that you can’t find in a regular gym. You really become friends and like family. You train together, push each other, pick each other up, cheer for each other and get just as excited for others’ accomplishments and firsts as you do your own. I started looking at exercise in a different way than I had my entire life. It became about just being a better version of myself… Doing things that I did not think I could… Being stronger than I ever dreamed I could be… Having coaches and fellow crossfitters believe in me when I did not believe in myself. Of course I would want to share all these things with my family!! Crossfit has put me in the best shape of my life—pushing 40 with 3 kids– and I feel stronger, leaner, faster and better than I ever have before. Even though I spend less time running, I have PRed my 5K, 10K and half marathon times and finished a very difficult marathon course that I NEVER could have finished without the mental and physical strength CF brings!!Quality over quantity! I have gained strength and muscles that I never knew existed and I don’t feel like “just a runner” anymore! And as far as getting my pre-babies body back—I MUCH prefer this improved Crossfit body!

The coaches at SouthBank are inspiring- not just by their incredible knowledge but also by their actions and attitudes. Jeff and Lisa practice what they preach and set a wonderful example in all aspects of life. I feel very lucky to get to learn from two hard-working, successful and accomplished crossfitters that also care so much about their members.

Crossfit IS for everyone. That is the beauty of it. Everyone has strengths and weaknesses. You can be good at some things and not so good at others, but there is always someone there- coach or fellow member- pushing you to just be a better version of yourself and get a little stronger, a little faster, and a little fitter every day.

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