Daily Gym WOD

Race Week is here for the La Half Runners!

Plan your race…Race your plan!

Although everyone has a different goal, I hope everyone has as much fun and success in crossing the finish line. It’s been a great journey and I am so pumped with how hard you all have trained. The sky is the limit for you now. It’s time to sit back and enjoy your accomplishment.

This week’s Schedule:

Monday: CrossFit Only

Tuesday: Run 4 miles @70%

Wednesday: REST DAY

Thursday: Run 1 mile @ 80% / rest 3 minutes. Run 1 mile @ 85% / rest 3 minutes. Run 1 mile @ 90% (easy cool down jog 5-10 minutes

Friday and Saturday: REST DAYS … stretch / easy 1 mile jog if you feel compelled. Make sure you stay well hydrated this week. Carry around a big water bottle with you. Get plenty of sleep! Enjoy the week!


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