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All right folks – the 2014 Skeleton Crew 31,000 meter challenge starts this Saturday.

A few Key Reminders:

1. Read the previous post on this challenge and be sure to set up your on-line log book.
2. Try to stick to the 7 day plan as it is designed to get you to 31,000m without you having to worry about programming
3. Record any rowing you do for the next 7 days – including warm ups and cool downs. It all counts!
4. If you miss a day don’t sweat it – you can make up the meters and we are here to help if you get behind.
5. Rest periods can be active rest (easy rowing i.e. more meters) or off the rower – your choice.
6. This could be all of the training you do for the next 7 days and that would be just fine AND effective!

Here are the workouts:

Saturday Oct. 25th
3 x 15 mins of easy rowing
Rest 3 mins

Sunday Oct. 26th
6 x 5 mins at a moderate pace
Rest 2 mins

Monday Oct. 27th
2k Row x 3
Rest 5 mins

Tuesday Oct. 28th
5 x 500m
Rest 2 mins

Wednesday Oct. 29th
30 – 45 mins of easy rowing

Thursday Oct. 30th
5k Row for time

Friday Oct. 31st
Row remainder of meters needed in one or two sessions

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