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Happy Running! Hopefully most of you are right on schedule! I’ll be checking in this week to see how it’s going for you. I’m sure you have days when you’re just not feeling it. … I do too!! That’s when I tell myself to just do the work. … and get through it… and then I FEEL MUCH BETTER! Most of you know how good the accomplishment feels on race day. Try and mentally put yourself there when you need a little more inspiration.

It’s GETTING CLOSE… A little caution…It’s very common to feel a bit of a let down after your big event. One way to avoid the post accomplishment let down is to begin thinking about your next goal. December is the perfect time to plan what you want to accomplish in 2016. Another 1/2 marathon… possibly a beautiful destination run, a triathlon, or maybe a full 26.2. I’d love to hear your goals and happy to help you plan.

Week 12:

Monday: CrossFit Only

Tuesday: am- CrossFit / pm- 8 rounds 200 meter sprint with 2 minute rest in between

Wednesday: CrossFit Only

Thursday: 1600 meter run @ 95%. Rest 3 minutes / 1200 meter run @ 95%. Rest 2 minutes / 800 meter run @ 95%. Rest 1 minute / 400 meter run @ 95%. 5 minutes recovery jog and then STRETCH. (No CrossFit)

Friday: CrossFit Only

Saturday / Sunday: 3 Rounds (20 minute run @ 85% effort / 10 minute run @ 65% effort) This is 90 minutes of non-stop running.

Have a great week!


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