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Hopefully all of your shopping has been done and you’re winding it down to allow for a stress-free, wonderful Christmas. Try to plan ahead to avoid staying up too late assembling toys, baking, or cleaning. Stay hydrated through the busy week. Carry around a bottle of water. Exercise moderation in all of your Yule Tide Festivities. In other words… Enjoy Christmas!… bur don’t forget your BIG Goal!

Week 13:

Monday: am – CrossFit / pm – 5 rounds 500 meters with 2 minutes rest (or 6 rounds 400 meters if you prefer to run on the track)

Tuesday: CrossFit Only

Wednesday: am 10K @ 85% pace (no CrossFit)

Thursday: CrossFit (12 Days of Christmas workout)

Friday: Merry Christmas … Nice brisk walk with family after Christmas dinner

Saturday or Sunday: 60 minute run @ 60-70% effort

Merry Christmas!


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