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CFSB member Courtney Hagood shares how fitness and signing up for a Spartan Race is a family affair!


“We’ve only been a family for a short time, less than 3 years in fact. But in that time our family has bonded and grown over sports and outdoor activities. As a family we bike ride and run both casually and in competition and we love crossfit. In 2013 Kenny (my husband) and Logan (my son) signed up for their first Spartan Race, I was of course there as their biggest cheerleader and paparazzi. It was great to see them in competition with each other obstacle after obstacle but still side by side to help the other one out when needed. As I watched them do several of the obstacles together I would think yikes this is a hard one I hope they can do it (like when my son had to pull of bucket full of cement really high in the air), but not to worry my husband pushed on his shoulders and kept him grounded. And when watching them race through the barbwire and up the rope to ring the bell I was wondering if I could have done this too. When they passed the finish line and got their medals I was so proud of the both of them because it was their first obstacle race and longest race they had done.

This year all three of us are signed up to run the Spartan Race in Kiln, MS. It’s two weeks away and I’m excited. I can’t wait to experience this with my family. It’ll be great to see how far they have come in the last year and what obstacles they improve on. For me I can’t wait to find out how far I can push myself and see what I can accomplish. A couple of obstacles make me nervous like rope climbs and jumping over walls but I know with their help and cheering I can do almost anything…and if not there’s always the 30 burpee’s to get me to the next obstacle. No matter what crossing the finish line and getting our medals and knowing that we accomplished a Spartan Race as a family is what I’m most excited about!”

Your CrossFit SouthBank family and coaches are proud of you! Good luck!

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