Daily Gym WOD

You guys are ROCKING this thing! By now …YOU KNOW YOU CAN DO THIS!

The holidays add so much additional activity in shopping, decorating, cooking and entertaining. Try not to say YES to more than you have to. Remember how important sleep and rest are to your training. Shoot for 8-10 hours of sleep when you can. Even if you fall way short of that, but you’re able to sleep more than YOU normally do, it will help to keep you well, injury free, and present in this world.

STAY WELL! Wash your hands often. Limit kissing people at parties, and keep Zicam on hand for the first signs of a cold.

Week 10:

Monday: CrossFit only

Tuesday: 4 Rounds 400 meter run @ max effort / rest 3 minutes between, 3 rounds 800 meter run @ 90% / rest 3 minutes between, 2 rounds 1 mile run @ 80% / rest 3 minutes between (no CrossFit)

Wednesday: REST DAY!

Thursday: 15k time Trial (9.3 miles) (No CrossFit)

Friday: CrossFit Only

Saturday or Sunday: 4 rounds Run 2 miles @ 80% / Rest 5 minutes (Rest the other day)


You guys are definitely… FIT FOR LIFE!

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