Daily Gym WOD

There’s some awesome running going on throughout the week! Great job putting in the miles for the distance runs and getting your speed work in. Don’t forget to take the extra time and effort needed to keep your body healthy.


* Warm up really well before your speed work. Cool down and stretch after your speed work.

* Stretch, ice, soak, eat, and hydrate after your long runs.

* Don’t cheat sleep. Goal 8-9 hours.

* Check with me individually if you need help with nutrition. Great opportunity for fat loss but that doesn’t mean fasting. Fuel your runs!

Have a great week!

Monday- CrossFit Only

Tuesday- CrossFit Only

Wednesday- Immediately after CrossFit (Or when you can…) 1 mile sprint @ 85% / rest 3 minutes. 1200 meter sprint @ 90% / rest 2 minutes. 800 meter sprint @ 95% / rest 1 minute. 400 meter sprint @ 100% / Cool down easy jog at least 800 meters

Thursday / Friday CrossFit one day / rest the other

Saturday 40 minute run @ 60-70% effort.

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