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Endurance athletes often suffer from nagging injuries, and just being healthy enough to run is a wonderful thing. On those days when we don’t really feel like hitting the pavement, we can try and remember how grateful we are just to be able to run. Hopefully we will soon feel a little fall weather to give us some spring in our step. For now we’ll have to “swim” through the humidity.

Reminders: Before doing track or sprint work it is very important to warm up. My go-to- warm up for sprints includes:

500 – 800 meters easy jog, hamstring and quad dynamic stretches (not static holds) including knee grabs, foot grabs behind, leg swings to warm up hips and hamstrings, and toy soldiers.

Finish up your sprint / track work with 500-800 meters easy cool down jog, followed by static (longer) stretches for hips, quads, and hamstrings.


Monday – CF and then 8×200 meters @ max effort

Tuesday – CF only

Wednesday – am CF then pm 10 min run @ 75% effort, rest 2 minutes, 8 min run @ 75% effort, rest 2 minutes, 6 min run @ 95% effort. Easy cool down jog and stretch.

Thursday – CF only

Friday – REST

Sat or Sun – 4 miles (Run a moderate pace and sprint x 30 seconds every 5 minutes, immediately dropping back down to moderate pace, but not stopping)


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