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Yes – that means you! Get your butt on that rower and make 31,000 meters happen this month!


Here is the Challenge: Row 31,000 meters as part of the Concept2 Skeleton Crew Challenge from Oct. 25-31st!

The fun starts this Saturday. Here is what you need to do:

1. Go to log.concept2.com and create a profile for your online log book with Concept 2. YOU MUST DO THIS TO TRACK YOUR METERS! Make sure to choose your gym for affiliation.

2. Beginning Saturday and through Oct. 31 row at least 31,000 meters. Record your results daily in your online log book.

3. Follow the 7 day row plan found here at CFSB Row Club and you will have no trouble reaching 31,000. CFSB members can you normal class time as well as open gym time to complete this work. Feel free to make the row workouts your entire week of training or use it as extra work

4. Visit our friends at UcanRow2 for all things indoor rowing!

Here is why you need to do this Challenge:

1. Setting and accomplishing goals is habit. You need to take on a big hairy goal and prove to yourself you can see it through. Yes it will challenge you. Yes there will be days you don’t want to do it. But you will exit the challenge with more self confidence and an enthusiasm to take on what comes next.

2. Your rowing technique sucks. Yes – you King of the excessive lay back and Queen of the early knee bend! Get someone to film you then compare it to the video below. The only way you are going to improve is if you work on it. You can literally go from good to great on the rower in a week if you focus on proper technique.


3. Rowing makes you a better person. From a conditioning standpoint it’s hard to beat a rower for efficacy and safety on the joints. It’s a total body workout and builds capacity across all energy systems. If you want to be a better athlete, be more fit, be more attractive – row more!

4. You have a friend that needs this more than you and they will only do it if you do it. Be an inspiration and fills someone’s bucket by getting them to do something good for themselves with this challenge. You can’t go wrong paying it forward!

If you still won’t do this then I can’t help ya!

Coach Jeff

Coach Jeff Prejean is a Certified Concept 2 Rower Instructor at CrossFit SouthBank. His current row world rankings for his age group and weight class are as follows:

500m Row 1:22.9 Rank: 23/352
2K Row 6:36.5 Rank: 27/629
30 min Row 8181m Rank: 30/406


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